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I Will Not Be Bullied-Fahie Tells Walwyn 

"Nobody is going to bully me in here. I respect everybody who come in here and give their opinion. Every time I open my moth, it is some part of what I say this Minister want to be jumping on me. Maybe you live a life where everybody afraid of you, but not I Andrew Alturo Fahie," said Hon. Andrew Fahie.

The Opposition Leader was speaking to Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister of Education and Culture who sought to bring up the BVI Airways issue during the debate of a financial services related legislation. 

"We cannot in this body turn around and defame, and say the most terrible things, and unfounded things about a company because we have political ambition, and make sure we cost the government embarrassment and the people $7M because we use our mouth recklessly," Minister Walwyn said.

However, Fahie did not allow the comment to slide. 

"Where does the member get off coming in the House to defend a company? Is he in the company? What that has to do with the International Tax Authority Act that we are here doing? If he wants to know whether what I say have facts or not we can have a separate debate for that," Fahie said.

"When I come in here I could defend myself. If you want to speak to that, you come and bring a separate debate on BVI Airways. I could bet my bottom dollar you wouldn’t beat me on it," the Opposition Leader said. 

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