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Fire and Rescue Service Outs Flames at Huntums Ghut Residence


On Wednesday August 19, the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Services Department responded to a report, and extinguished a fire in Huntums Ghut.


In a report it was announced that the call was received at approximately 4:17 a.m. from a residence in Huntums Ghut adjacent Radiotron in which a fire was burning on the second floor in a bedroom.


Following the call, one fire truck from the Road Town Fire Station; and seven fire personnel responded to the Huntums Ghut residence. “Within eight minutes, the fire was contained, controlled and extinguished. The team of fire officers then took an additional hour to damp hot spots to ensure the area was secured,” the report stated.


Acting Chief Fire Officer, Mr. William Penn announced that the fire in Huntums Ghut brings the total number of structural fires to 15 for the year. “This is a concern because persons are losing personal items and property is being damaged or loss,” he said.

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