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Opposition Leader Wants Governor to Examine Pier Park Overruns

Leader of the Opposition Hon. Andrew Fahie wants His Excellency Governor John Duncan to take another look at the cost overruns of the Pier Park Project before his tenure ends.

Hon. Fahie in a statement issued on 17th March noted the Governor’s decision to invoke Section 103 of the Constitution, and the Queen’s representative announced intent to address varying matters before he leaves office in August.

In relations to that announcement Hon. Fahie suggested that the Port Project be one of the matters examined: “At the Cruise Port Development Project, over thirty million dollars have been expended in excess of the amounts approved in the House of Assembly. This is a Constitutional issue that must be investigated before August 2017, and must not be left to succeeding Governors. No more parsing of words,” Hon. Fahie declared.

In 2015 after months of considering whether there will be a commission of inquiry on the cruise pier project, the decision was delivered by His Excellency on 17th March that there will be no inquiry into the project.

After a lengthy explanation and a report of his finding, His Excellency announced: “Having considered in detail the Public Accounts Committee’s report, the reports of the Auditor General, the previous correspondence of my predecessor Governor McCleary and having taken account of the studies by the Caribbean Development Bank and the independent consultant, I see no useful purpose in commissioning a further Enquiry into the Port Development Project.”

The Queen’s representative stated that the Public Accounts Committee’s and the Auditor General’s reports clearly set out some of the problems that have occurred under successive administrations. He also stated that the Caribbean Development Bank’s thirteen recommendations and the independent consultant’s report also identify some of the action required to remedy certain issues.

Governor Duncan firmly announced that he did not like the fact that it appeared that the Governor’s Office was being used for political scores. He said: “As your Governor, one of my responsibilities is to ensure good governance. The Governor is not on one side, or the other, but has to take account of the interest of the Territory as a whole. It is therefore inappropriate for any political party to seek to use the Office of the Governor to gain political advantage or to pursue a party’s political agenda.”

Resident Praise Police Commissioner

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews was praised by a caller to the Speak Out BVI talk show March 21st for his openness with the community.

The caller who was responding to comments about the Governor’s decision to invoke Section 103 of the Constitution in order to provide additional funds to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. As some callers to the program criticized the decision. This caller was among some that spoke in support of the decision.

The caller said: “The Commissioner has been saying that the Force is short staff since he came here; and we never had a superintendent (Commissioner) of police that communicate with the people like that one. He go Long Look keep meeting, he go Huntums Ghut tries to meet with the people; reach out to the people. He say he need it, it needs it.”

He further stated: “I see three cruise ship here in the BVI, and you don’t even see one police officer on the road that they can ask the police well where is this, where is that? You don’t see a police. The people getting upset because he, Governor does that, invoke powers! You let these boys run this country into too much debt that they can’t pay. We are a colony of Great Britain regardless of what they kick up and kanks up. He was sent by the Queen here, he is in charge of security. The people of this country needs the police, he had a right to do what he do.”

“He had a right because it aint now it is more than a year they talking about the short staff. 30 police officers, you aint know that’s a shame and disgrace… Not two or three, 30 you short of; and now they have 31 sworn in going to do training. He do the right thing, he step up to the plate and do what he had to do. The country needs this, the British Virgin Islands people have to have security; and he do the right thing. If they don’t want to do that they go independent, we are a colony of Great Britain,” the caller added.

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