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Delta Petroleum fulfils commitment to Jost Van Dyke

Delta RGM Bevis Sylvester thanking Mr. Blyden for coming on board with the project. Delta RGM Bevis Sylvester thanking Mr. Blyden for coming on board with the project.

‘Talk is cheap… Blah Blah Blah is about getting things done,’ this continues to be the message of Regional General Manager (RGM) Bevis Sylvester.   Delta’s commitment to the great people of Jost Van Dyke is real and underway.   Delta Petroleum headed by its RGM, Bevis Sylvester. continues to recognise its role in the tangible development of the country’s infrastructure and its young people.

A team accompanied by a number of persons from his technical department toured the Jost Van Dyke area as plans moved ahead for the installation of a propane service center geared towards serving and meeting the needs of residents in the community.

The commitment which was given by Sylvester during the ‘Bust Your Kite’ promotion at the Jost Van Dyke primary school, he promised the students that Delta Petroleum would seek to ensure that their lives are enhanced through the provision of the propane service center. He had pointed out some of the challenges and difficulties that their parents were faced with noting that it is the hope of Delta Petroleum to better serve the people of Jost Van Dyke. This promise had sparked excitement among the students, who have since expressed their overwhelming appreciation through letters, telephone calls and personal conversations thanking the RGM for remembering the small but unique community.

“The challenges and difficulties being faced by the residents in the Jost Van Dyke area were highlighted to us when we visited this area and as such, Delta Petroleum has decided to venture into addressing it by expanding its “Cook with Confidence” business model in JVD to better serve them,” he said.  He also disclosed that equipments for the project are scheduled to arrive soon and the visit by his technical team was geared towards exploring and evaluating the area so as to make a determination into what has to be done.

While in JVD, the Delta Petroleum RGM met with Mr. David Blyden who openly expressed satisfaction and appreciation over the proposed investment. He related the history of the area in which he and his wife, Celeste have been instrumental in developing the island  over a 20 year period.  Blyden said that he is cognisant that such a project can only further enhance the community, which has been home to him for almost all of his life.

Blyden pointed out that almost 30 years ago he was approached by someone to have the LPG bottles filled there. He said that he agreed and over the years business was conducted for some years until the management changed and the business relationship became strained and subsequently the business came to standstill.

“I have always been willing to have something like this set up as I am excited like Delta Petroleum Limited to be able to provide better service to the people of this community,” he said. Blyden also stressed that he is prepared and ready to accommodate such development within the community considering the many challenges that residents encounter, while trying to secure as basic need of LPG gas. Therefore, I say a big thanks to Delta Petroleum for making this possible as they are helping to improve the quality of life for everyone,” he said.

Meanwhile, wife of the businessman Celeste was elated with the news that Delta Petroleum would be expanding its business to the community. She pointed out that she is excited to know that  her community has not been forgotten noting that she is confident that the expansion will certainly boost the community. “I am very happy with the news and I am confident that Delta will do a good job here as they have been doing a good job with the communities that they serve,” she said

The RGM of Delta Petroleum reiterated that his company will continue to invest noting that while some investments’ returns are short term the others would be over a longer period of time. He however noted that despite this effort,  he firmly believes that his company’s role is not only to garner financial resources, but also to enhance the lives of those within the community thus their role as a good corporate citizen will be be maintained.

“We will continue to play our role of community enhancement as we recognise that contributions like these go beyond just hoping to get financial returns but more so to ensure that the lives  of people of the BVI and Caribbean Region are better of because of Delta’s ongoing commitment and contributions. I stand here today to give my commitment that Delta Petroleum will continue playing an important role as we recognise our responsibilities in the region and intends to do more,” he declared.

Sylvester said that construction work is expected to begin in the coming weeks.


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