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Police Investigate Suspected Suicide Of Cruise Passenger

Police are investigating the suspected suicide of a male cruise passenger now that BVI Shipping Registry, Police and the cruise ship personnel have determined that the death, in fact, occurred in BVI waters early yesterday morning.

Cruise agents had originally stated that the incident had occurred outside BVI waters and therefore reports would be made to the last port of call which was St. Thomas.

Inquiries indicate that Norwegian Escape passenger, Daniel Godsey, 33, of Tennessee, USA, had left his room around 3 a.m. Shortly after, closed circuit cameras showed him in midair descending toward the water. His body was recovered sometime later by members of ship’s crew. The ship later arrived at the Cruise Pier in Road Town.

He was travelling with his wife at the time of the incident.

Members of the BVI Tourist Board and the Crisis Intervention Team are providing the needed support to the wife of the deceased and the Coroner’s Office has been notified.

Investigations are ongoing.

Businesses Write Minister About Fee Increase

The business community has made representation to the Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering for consideration as it relates to the work permit fee hike that is expected to go into effect on 15 May.

The announcement of the increase in work permit fees was made by Hon. Pickering in a statement to the House of Assembly on 18 April. However, during the continuation of the sitting on 20 April the Minister disclosed that he has since received letters from business owners.

Hon. Pickering told the House: "I have already had a number of letters with respect to the work permit fees that we have recommended to increase. A number of calls and a number of letters written by major companies in the country advising us about the implementation of the fees.”

In noting the concerns of the business owner the Deputy Premier stated many business owners feel that the timing for the increase is not opportune: “What they have said, and I want to assure them because I am sure that my colleagues will understand this, and we will all look at it again – that we are implementing the fees mid-financial year. For most of the businesses, and in some cases it is going to be a tremendous burden on the businesses. I think that it is something that we need to look at and make some decisions about,” the Labour Minister disclosed.

He announced that he was mentioning the matter in the House to assure the businesses in the Territory that their concerns have been: “It is something that we are going to review and take into consideration,” Dr. Pickering said.

On Tuesday the Minister explained that the new fee structure makes special consideration for domestic workers who will pay just one percent of their annual salary. On the other hand other workers, he said will be required to pay a three percent fee for earnings up to $25,000 per annum.

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