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BVI Airways Still Hoping To Fly—Staff Sent Home

On 18th July, the people of the British Virgin Islands received shocking news via an open letter from BVI Airways announcing that the anticipated Tortola/Miami flights on the airline Government injected $7M in might not happen soon because the company is broke. The letter also announced that the pilots have been sent home.

BVI Airways has 40 people on payroll and in expressing how dire the situation is the company’s management announced: “BVI Airways regretfully announces that it is immediately laying off its entire flight crew (pilots and flight attendants) as a result of ongoing delays.”

However, BVI Airways maintained that the blame for the present no-flight situation should not fall squarely on their shoulder because the company said that it has done its part. “We have the planes, the organization and have secured all the difficult regulatory approvals. However, improvements to the airport required under our contract to meet basic commercially acceptable standards for processing passenger volume of this size have not been completed.”

“Passengers cannot be expected to wait in line for two hours to get though the security and immigration; this would be disastrous. The current system is antiquated and barely works for low density flights,” BVI Airways further explained.

In further pointing the finger at the government the company said that the expectations relating to the terminal and others were communicated previously to government: “There was a clear understanding from the onset that this needed to be corrected and better training of personnel provided prior to our launch of service.”

As grim as the staff dismissal and flight uncertainty announcement is, BVI Airways is still holding a glimmer of hope that government would respond favorably. In fact, the company stated: “Hopefully this will be a very short-term situation as we continue to work through remaining issues with the Government and will be able to commence flights shortly,” BVI Airways said.

11 Youths Beautify First District

The youths of the First District participated in the annual summer beautification clean-up programme, and as District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that he is pleased with the work that was done by his young constituents.

“As usual working with our First District youth between the ages of 13 to 17yrs in the annual summer beautification clean-up programme is a pleasure. This programme has evolved over the life span of many Administrations,” Hon. Fahie said.

The Opposition Leader and District Representative also noted that the beautification initiative was supported by the Department of Waste Management, and Hon. Fahie publicly commended the department for its assistance: “I thank the Department of Waste Management for their outstanding over sight & management of the programme.”

Once it again it was noted that the limitation of funding had an effect on the programme that has been ongoing for years: “Apparently due to budget constraints only 11 First District youth were allowed, but they worked like 1100 youths in the cleaning up, painting, refurbishing and beautification of the Park in Carrot Bay across from Clem's in the First District. I am so proud of our youths,” the District Representative said.

Last year Hon. Fahie stated that the budget constraints resulted in the 2016 beautification programme being carried out by only seven young persons.


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