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Why My Tubby—Family bids Farewell to Shaun

“I am constantly asking myself when am I going to wake up from this nightmare. Why they had to take my Tubby,” Mrs. Sonia Richards said in tribute to her son Shaun Hiram Richards also known as Tubby who was laid to rest on 27 May at the Green Land Cemetery.

The funeral service, which was held at the Church of God of Prophecy Community Worship Center in Long Look was a sad one; and saw many pleading for those who have information about the death and the shooter to say what they know.

22-year-old Shaun was shot on 6 May in the Long Look area and died on 8 May at the Peebles Hospital, becoming the fifth murder victim of the year.

In the heartbreaking tribute his mother Sonia expressed how the terrible shooting that claimed the life of her son shattered her world: “The last conversation I had with you was the same day you were wounded. You came and gave me money and said ‘mommy hold this and buy something’. I wanted to surprise you so I went and bought the ingredients to prepare your favorite dish, but you never made it home to eat it,” the tearful mother stated.

She also shared how the unexpected the news sent her in a whirl: “I along with friends and family were gathered at the dinner table eating when we heard the shots, we immediately started making calls inquiring about them. Then I got one of the worst phone calls of my life stating it was my Tubby that was just shot. I remember visiting ICU while there I was talking and comforting you as I expressed my love for you the tears flowed from your eyes. This gave me a sense of comfort that you will be alright,” she added.

“8 May has since changed my life. All I have left of you is good memories, of the good child that you were, which consumes me. I am not going to say goodbye, but until we meet again. Mommy will always love you,” she added.

Fraser Concerned For Local Companies

Opposition Member Hon. Julian Fraser has expressed grave concerns for local companies.

He believes that the rigid financial bills being brought to the House of Assembly will affect locals businesses even though it targets offshore firms.

Hon. Fraser asked Premier and Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith to state when legislation will be brought to this Honourable House aimed at liberating Local Companies, especially small Local Companies, from the raft of onerous Regulations aimed at non-resident offshore companies, and the investment of offshore funds, whose sole purpose for being here are the benefits derived from the Territory being an Offshore Financial Center.

Premier Smith in response said government has plans to protect local companies.

"I have consistently shown my commitment to supporting local businesses and their growth," he said.

Premier Smith added, "This Government will continue to review how it might further help to grow this sector including reviewing legislation which could detract from this."

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